I had heard of psychopaths/sociopaths but always pretty much figured they were the murderers and such.  Boy was I wrong!  Naive?  I never thought myself to be.  He was just so good at it, of course, it’s what he does.  Almost like a job.  It took me a long time to realize that “IT IS WHAT HE DOES and WHAT HE IS”.   I also know that it will always be the same for him, no matter who he is with.  Each and every “relationship” that he enters into will be the same…empty, shallow, callous, cold, calculated, selfish.  How sad for him!  Never to be able to feel REAL love, devotion, caring, tenderness, intimacy toward anyone.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not feel sorry for him, not one iota.  And when judgement day comes around, well, guess where he will be going!

The reason for this blog is to provide information about this man, and to hopefully help other women steer clear of him.  Nothing should be taken at face value with him…not one thing.


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  1. Paula says:

    My sociopathic EX built a two-car garage with a 1-bedroom apartment attached for his parents. However, he did it illegally without the proper permit AND his parents pay him!!! He made it seem like he did it FOR them, when, in reality, he’s just trying to increase the value of his home and get money to help pay his mortgage. Soon, he’ll probably tell his patents they need to pay more or find another place to live.

  2. iamallsmiles says:

    That is more than likely what will happen. Sometimes I wonder if the family knows and does not want to acknowledge or could they really be that blind. And then, if they really do know…they just sit back and watch them do it over and over to people?

  3. Paula says:

    If you haven’t already viewed this story, check it out. His daughters were even fooled. If it weren’t for them, their dad would never have been arrested for fraud and hopefully for murder soon. The daughter of the man you write about on this site should be glad you opened her eyes as you did. It may save them. He might try to behave. (Doubt it. Hehehe!)


    • iamallsmiles says:

      I have not seen it until now. Thanks. I am hoping that his daughter’s eyes will open, but judging from her reply not so sure it will happen. I am hoping at least it will always be in her mind!

      • Paula says:

        Me, too. It hurts to realize we gave our hearts and trust to someone who wasn’t worthy. I can’t imagine my own father being that person.

        • iamallsmiles says:

          I think the trust was the worst part. Believing what was said. Thankfully, it has not skewed my vision of relationships forever. But of course my new guy has had a lot to do with that 🙂 And no, I could not imagine my father being that person either!

  4. whattheheck says:

    I feel compelled to respond to the comments on this blog. What’s wrong with you people?

  5. whattheheck says:

    Why do you have to bash him in a public forum? I dated this guy and I’ve met his daughters. His daughters are wonderful young ladies. During the time we were dating, he was nothing but kind and considerate. He treated me with respect and his daughters with respect when I was around them. Nothing devious went on, no psycho behavior, no hidden agendas, nothing like is suggested here. Wow, someone is really pissed at him???? Does it warrant a blog? What the heck?

    • iamallsmiles says:

      What you consider bashing, I consider foresight for anyone that might come across this information BEFORE they have the displeasure of dating him. I do not know how long you dated him for. Perhaps it was not long enough to see his mask slip. I can only consider that “lucky” for you.

      • Paula says:

        I never put much worth in comments defending this guy by those who won’t reveal themselves. What does whattheheck have to lose revealing herself? If I came upon a blog
        bashing some “nice guy” I once dated, I’d defend him openly. Hmm? Makes me wonder. Alias. Fake account?

  6. whattheheck says:

    Alias?…. perhaps,…fake account?, no. What does my name have to do with anything? Who are you – iamallsmiles? That’s NOT an alias? Maybe he did you wrong. Maybe he did several women wrong. That doesn’t mean he’s a psycho.

    • Paula says:

      People thought the same about Josh Powell, Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson, and other wolves in sheep’s clothing who turned out to be cowardess sociopaths/psychopaths. None of are going to show there true colors to you on the first date, second date or even the first few months. There is a pattern they all follow, as if a text book exists that only they know about. Well, now their victims are speaking up and laying out the text book and all of the stages these disordered predators follow. You should feel lucky you left the relationship when you did. Still don’t know why anyone would leave such a “loving and caring” fella. Guess you just grew apart.

  7. i was raised by a narcissist/sociopath they are dangerous. sorry you too have experienced their abuse. thank you kindly for visiting my blog 🙂

  8. Steven says:

    I think I worked with this guy. Was he a middle school teacher in Santa Clarita about ten years ago?

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